America's Voice Blog: State Legislators in 16 States Announce Resolutions in Support of Immigration Reform

By Van Le, America's Voice, April 9, 2013

Today the Progressive States Network, a leading national group of pro-immigrant state legislators, announced that state lawmakers from 16 different states have either introduced or plan to introduce resolutions in support of comprehensive immigration reform.

As State Senator Angela Giron (Colorado), Chair of the National Immigration Working Group said:

The fact that so many state lawmakers are now standing up in support of comprehensive immigration reform should send a message to Congress: Americans support comprehensive reform that has a path to citizenship for all 11 million aspiring citizens currently living in the shadows that is as inclusive and accessible as possible. Just three years after SB1070, we are now seeing a groundswell of support from the states for immigration reform with a path to citizenship that is bipartisan in nature.

Resolutions in support of comprehensive immigration reform have already been introduced in Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Oklahoma, Oregon, and Texas, and have already passed at least one chamber in New Jersey, New Mexico, and Nevada. Resolutions in New Jersey (AR 142 and SR 95) and New Mexico (SJM 52) garnered bipartisan support, and just last week, Nevada’s state Senate approved a resolution (SJR 15) unanimously.


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