Dem legislators join in war protest at Capitol

Associated Press January 28, 2007
A handful of Democratic state lawmakers joined dozens of anti-war activists Saturday on the steps of the state Capitol to protest President Bush's plan to send more than 20,000 additional troops to Iraq. Escalation of the war is "a Hail Mary pass, not a real strategy," Sen. Steve Gallus, D-Butte, told a crowd of more than three dozen people. He said sending more troops will only inflame the violence in Iraq and do nothing to end the 4-year-old conflict, and he urged Bush to consider a new approach. "Even here in Montana, about as far as we can get from Washington, D.C., we know that this war is costing America," said Rep. Michele Reinhart, D-Missoula. "This escalation will impose higher costs, more debt and more trade-offs for America." Read the Whole Article