States Fight the Escalation in Iraq: Blog Coverage

Katrina Vanden Heuvel, The Nation's Editor's Cut, "A 50-State Response to Bush"
As state legislators grow increasingly opposed to an Iraq war that is stretching and weakening the National Guard and draining desperately needed funds at home, activists and legislators are launching a 50-state legislative response to stop President Bush's Iraq escalation plan. On Wednesday, the Progressive States Network, MoveOn, Women Legislators' Lobby, Americans Against Escalation in Iraq, and Sen. Edward Kennedy will kick-off the effort by hosting a conference call with activists and state legislators across the nation. The call is at 11:30 a.m. and is open to the public.... Read the Whole Thing.
Branford Boy, My Left Nutmeg, "Escalation and You"
The Progressive States Network is offering a draft Resolution that can be introduced in state legislatures across the land. My suggestion: copy and paste, edit it to insert "Connecticut" where appropriate, and send it to your state senator and assemblyperson along with a stern note urging them to introduce it on the floor of their respective chambers.... Read the Whole Thing.
SLJ, West Virginia Blue, "Standing Up Against Escalation in Iraq"
I'm not sure if the George Bush/John McCain Doctrine of escalating the Iraq occupation is merely a bad idea, a really bad idea, a horrible idea or, as or Sen. Chuck Hagel (R-NEB) said: "a complete folly". Progressive States Network is launching an effort to pass state resolutions against the Iraq escalation. [Several states did something similar for CAFTA; that is a precedent of sorts.] Would the West Virginia legislature be moved to take such a stance? Our entire congressional delegation has raised concerns about the Bush/McCain strategy. National public support for sending more troops to Iraq is in the 15-30% range.... Read the Whole Thing
Chris Kromm, Facing South, "A Surge for Peace?"
But one doesn't have to go to Washington to be heard. This week, the Progressive States Network, in a bold move, announced a campaign to mobilize state legislators against the war. On a conference call Wednesday (listen to the audio here), Steve Doherty of Progressive States (former minority leader of the Montana Senate), Rep. Garnet Coleman of Texas, and Sen. Nan Grogan Orrock of Georgia spoke of the interest they'd heard from their constituents, and the need for state leaders to speak out. If you'd like to get your state leaders on board, visit here.