PSN's Suman Raghunathan at Netroots Nation 2011

Taking Back Your State: How to Respond to Restrictive State Immigration Legislation

Sat, 06/18/2011 - 2:30pm EDTL100 AB

After passage of Arizona's controversial anti-immigrant law (SB 1070), state legislatures began introducing copycat legislation in addition to other restrictive immigration measures. While most of those initiatives failed, restrictionist lawmakers and anti-immigrant groups have and will continue to push their enforcement-only agenda in state legislatures. Meanwhile, lawmakers seeking real solutions to our immigration problems have begun pursuing progressive immigration policies--many of which seek to boost economic and job growth on the state level. Join immigration policy experts as they discuss progressive legislative alternatives, the ramifications of pursuing anti-immigrant legislation, the restrictionists behind the laws and the available resources and strategies to help advocates and activists take back their states.

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