Release: Progressive States Network Announces National Week of Action



Thursday, April 3, 2014

Contact: Kate Oh, (202) 905-2835,

Progressive States Network Announces National Week of Action:

State Legislators Spearheading Agenda To Secure Real Prosperity Across America

Washington, DC -- With an extraordinary amount of legislative and advocacy activity underway outside the Beltway, Progressive States Network is announcing a National Week of Action from April 7 to 13.

Under the banner "Real Prosperity Across America," state legislators in 20 states will be participating in events, social media campaigns, op-ed pieces, and other efforts that lift up a shared vision for America: an economy that works for everyone and a fair shot for all.

Lawmakers to be featured during the Week of Action, which officially kicks off on Monday, include those taking the Minimum Wage Challenge to try living on poverty wages in Michigan, Florida, and Connecticut; speaking on women's economic security issues in public forums in Atlanta and Denver; holding a press conference on the minimum wage in Michigan; participating in a "Blog Carnival" sponsored by MomsRising; and joining a Tweet Storm on the gender pay gap.

The Week of Action comes at a time when momentum is building nationally and within states on a number of priorities important to everyday Americans, such as raising the floor of wages, making sure that women are paid equally for the same work as men, and guaranteeing paid sick and family leave for working families.

Against the backdrop of soaring income inequality and declining opportunity for too many, the American people are demanding leaders who fight for a national prosperity reflecting our values and responding to our nation’s needs in the new century. As the Week of Action will show, progressive lawmakers across the states are answering the call.

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