Statement: Governor Brown Vetoes TRUST Act, Loses Opportunity to Exercise Leadership

Tuesday, October 2, 2012
CONTACT: Charles Monaco, Director of Communications and New Media, Progressive States Network,

State Legislators for Progressive Immigration Policy: Governor Brown Vetoes TRUST Act, Loses Opportunity to Exercise Leadership

New York, NY – State Legislators for Progressive Immigration Policy, a diverse group of over 100 state lawmakers representing 40 states, released the following statement today in reaction to California Governor Jerry Brown's veto of the TRUST Act this past weekend:

Late Sunday night, California Jerry Brown made a flawed and shortsighted decision to veto the TRUST Act, one of the nation’s smartest examples of common-sense immigration policy that would have expanded opportunity for all residents and is the epitome of the anti-Arizona approach. The bill, which attracted broad support from elected officials, law enforcement professionals, faith leaders, and grassroots groups throughout the state, would have limited unfair, costly detentions of immigrants in local jails, allowing the state to focus its tax dollars on key programs and services such as schools and roads while making California communities safer for everybody and honoring our nation’s belief in due process. 

State Legislators for Progressive Immigration Policy, a group comprised of over 100 members from 40 states (including the prime sponsor of the TRUST Act, California State Assemblymember Tom Ammiano) is tremendously disappointed by Governor Brown’s misguided decision. Governor Brown not only lost an opportunity to ensure California remains a state of opportunity that rewards hard work  he lost a chance to exercise bold leadership for the state and nation as a whole.  

We remain committed to the TRUST Act’s goals of encouraging trust between residents and law enforcement and focusing on public safety — a priority in a state like California where immigrant families account for nearly one in three voters and immigrants account for more one than in three workers. While we remain confident that California will redouble its efforts to enact the bill in 2013, we also remain committed to advancing similar legislation in other states in 2013. The TRUST Act not only makes sense for California, it also makes sense for numerous other states seeking to avoid Arizona’s flawed and divisive anti-immigrant path and craft smart state solutions as we continue to work towards comprehensive federal reform.



State Legislators for Progressive Immigration Policy is a diverse group of state legislators, affiliated with Progressive States Network, who are advancing sensible and progressive approaches to immigration at the state level. These leaders, currently representing 40 states, are rejecting alarmist approaches to immigration in favor of one that reflects our core values as a nation of laws and as a nation of immigrants.

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