PSN Profiles: A Video Series

PSN Profiles is a series of video interviews with key members of our network from across the country. Through the PSN Profiles series, we hope to put a face on the multitude of state leaders who work tirelessly -- often with little reward or recognition on the national stage -- to lay the groundwork for a lasting American progressive majority.

Each profile consists of of a 5-10 minute interviews with one of our key legislative allies, partner advocates, and board members.  The interviews range in topic from personal anecdotes to specific policy proposals and strategic thinking.  We hope they will give viewers a more detailed view of the vibrant and diverse community that is hard at work building the nation's "fifty progressive movements."

So check them out! And if you enjoy them, please be sure to send the link to a friend or embed the videos somewhere on your blog or website. We'll be adding more interviews every week with spots with leaders from Kansas to Georgia to Washington, so be sure to check back at for more!


Interview with Rep. Garnett Coleman, PSN Co-chair from Progressive States Network on Vimeo.


Interview with David Sirota

Nationally syndicated columnist, author, and PSN Founding Co-chair