Blueprint for Economic Security 2013

2013 Blueprint for Economic Security

Comprised of over 20 policy options spanning a range of issues, the Blueprint weaves together state policies
that have already proven effective, pragmatic, and popular, organizing these proposals under four broad
frames that reflect many of the top concerns of American families: building an economy that works, making
government work for people, protecting and supporting families, and revitalizing a middle class that continues
to be largely left out of the economic recovery.

The specific policies highlighted in the Blueprint were selected with a view toward the challenging political
realities faced by progressives and moderates in many states. Many proposals have received bipartisan support
in state legislatures, are revenue-neutral, and are exceedingly popular among voters. Several policies provide
legislators and advocates with golden opportunities to advance a core message and shift the narrative — even
if in a given state they are not likely to be enacted despite overwhelming popular support. Other policies will
inevitably be front-and-center in multiple states as attacks from the right continue. And all are supported by
Progressive States Network as well as a host of state-based and national groups working to build economic
security in the states in 2013.