DISPATCH: Surprise Support For Health Law, Rejection of Anti-Immigrant Bills, and Ugly Era For Voting Rights Returns

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Conf Call 3/29 - Accountability and Recovery: Following the Money


The Progressive States Network is hosting a national conference callTuesday, March 29th at 3pm EDT on the importance of accountability in protecting taxpayers, promoting the public interest, and encouraging economic recovery. We are pleased to hold this call with US PIRG, which just released FOLLOWING THE MONEY 2011: How the 50 States Rate in Providing Online Access to Government Spending Data, a report that examines the extent to which states allow citizens to see government spending on subsidies and contracts, and, in effect, whether the state’s checkbook is made open to public scrutiny.

We’ll be joined on the call by:

  • West Virginia Delegate Barbara Fleischauer
  • Francisca Rojas, Harvard University
  • Phineas Baxandall, USPIRG

You can RSVP for the call by clicking here.



Nine States Reject Broad Anti-Immigrant Bills

Integrating Immigrants into Our Communities * Suman Raghunathan


The steady drumbeat of states recognizing  the error of enforcement-only anti-immigrant legislation continues. This week, Iowa and Kansas join the list of nine states to date (including Virginia, Kentucky, Nebraska, Montana, South Dakota, Colorado, and Washington) that have defeated their broad (and misguided) anti-immigrant bills this legislative session.


On Voting Rights, Florida Turns Back The Clock To Ugly Era

Clean and Fair Elections * Cristina Francisco-McGuire


Last week, Governor Rick Scott and the other members of the Florida Board of Executive Clemency voted unanimously to roll back rules that had made it easier for nonviolent felons to regain their voting and other civil rights upon completion of their sentences. Under the new requirements - which are among the strictest in the country - nonviolent offenders would have to wait five years upon their release from prison to even apply for the chance to have their rights restored without a hearing.


As Health Law Approaches One Year Anniversary, Surprising Support Emerges

Health Care for All * Devin Boerm


As the one-year anniversary of the signing of the Affordable Care Act approaches, the political rhetoric against the health law remains as heated as ever. But as more and more Americans experience the benefits of the law on their everyday lives, a growing number of stakeholders in the states - including health insurers - are coming out in support of both the law and its effective implementation in the states. Successful implementation requires states to enact their own exchanges, or marketplaces for health insurance, as the vehicle that provides for quality, affordable health insurance coverage.


Steps Forward


MO: Strong Bipartisan Opposition Stalls Anti-Union Bill in Missouri Senate

MD: Maryland State Senate Approves In-State Tuition Bill

IN: Indiana State Reps Outline Terms To End Four-Week Boycott


Steps Back


FL: Florida State Senate Passes Revenue Cap

WI: Senate Majority Leader Decides Some Votes Won’t Count – Another Blow to Democracy


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Research Roundup: Following the Money and More


State Budget Deficits Are Not an Employee Compensation Problem - The Great Recession Is to Blame - This report by the Center of American Progress Action Fund looks at a common conservative explanation for state budget deficits - employee compensation levels - and concludes that public-sector pay is not the cause of state budget deficits and has not risen significantly in years. In fact, the analysis here concludes that total state public employee compensation, including wages and benefits, has slightly decreased over the past 20 years. The report also highlights the constructive, good-faith efforts of public-sector workers in dealing with state budget shortfalls, even as the right wing attempts to bust public employee unions in statehouses across the nation.

Following The Money 2011: How The 50 States Rate In Providing Online Access To Government Spending Data - USPIRG released this report that examines the extent to which states allow citizens to see government spending on subsidies and contracts, and, in effect, whether the state’s checkbook is made open to public scrutiny. The leading states provide information that is highly searchable, and include detailed data about government contracts, tax subsidies and grants to businesses. The authors find, “state governments across the country have been moving toward making their checkbooks transparent by creating online transparency portals... Forty states provide transparency websites that allow residents to access databases of government expenditures with ‘checkbook-level detail’... All states, including leading states, have many opportunities to improve their transparency websites. In the next year, state governments across the country should strive to improve government transparency and accountability online.”

Michigan Business Tax Cuts Would Be Paid for with Sharply Regressive Tax Hikes - An analysis by the Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy published by the Michigan League for Human Services (MILHS) studied the effect of proposed tax cuts for businesses in Michigan that would be paid for by eliminating the Earned Income Tax Credit and raising taxes on low-income families, concluding that “personal income tax increases contained in [Governor] Snyder’s plan would require low-income families to pay 1.1 percent more of their income in tax, while requiring the state’s wealthiest taxpayers to pay less than one-tenth that amount, relative to their income.”


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