DISPATCH: Big SCOTUS Rulings Any Day Now, 44 States Flunk on Wage Theft, and More

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Friday, June 22, 2012

Messaging Resources: SCOTUS Decisions on SB1070 and ACA

As the states wait (and wait) to hear from the Supreme Court, Progressive States Network has put together messaging resources and issue updates on the court challenges to both the Affordable Care Act and Arizona's SB1070. Check them out, along with other recent PSN reports, in the reports section of our website.

Map: Are You Protected From Insurer Abuses No Matter How SCOTUS Rules on Health Care?

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Forty-eight states and the District of Columbia have separately adopted at least one of the consumer protections in the Affordable Care Act as state law. No matter what the Supreme Court decides about the federal law, consumers in those 48 states continue to have at least some protection from the abusive practices of health insurance companies

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Wage Theft: A Crime You Can Get Away With

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Progressive States Network authored a report grading states on how well they protect a fundamental workplace right: getting paid what you are legally owed. This right is so basic and common-sense that most people are still unaware of how commonly it is violated.

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Sunshine State Again a Flashpoint for Voting Rights

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Florida marked two victories that will help protect the integrity of the state’s elections, becoming the latest state where conservative efforts to suppress voter participation have stalled. As Progressive States Network has noted previously, conservatives emboldened by recent successful efforts to make it harder for people to vote should not count their chickens before they hatch in 2012.

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States Fight ALEC-Inspired Deregulation of Internet Services

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A spate of destructive broadband bills has been sweeping across the country, spurred on by the corporate-backed American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC). Unbelievably, just as broadband Internet becomes an essential tool for millions of Americans, these states, following the pattern of the model ALEC bill, are making moves toward depriving states of any power to ensure reliable, competitive, and affordable service that serves all state residents — from small businesses to those on the other side of the digital divide. The companies behind these bills want the ability to choose to serve only the locations and the individuals that yield the greatest profits. It is simply not smart governance to leave state authorities without the power to ensure everyone can use such a critical asset.

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Quote of the Week

"There should be an effective statewide [wage theft] law... Otherwise, Florida will remain dead last, denying fairness and justice to taxpaying workers."

- A Miami Herald editorial last week on Florida's failing grade in Progressive States Network's recent 50-state report on state wage theft laws.

Steps Forward

NH: New Hampshire governor vetoes Voter ID bill

US: New Obama immigration policy points to importance of state tuition equity efforts - PSN

US: Dell is 20th corporation to end affiliation with ALEC

Steps Back

MS: Mississippi May Be First U.S. State With No Abortion Clinic

MI: Male Michigan House leader bans female reps from speaking

Research Roundup: Austerity Hammering State Economies, Deferred Action on Deportation, Paid Sick Leave, and More


In this week’s Research Roundup: Recent reports from the Food Chain Workers Alliance on workers in the food production and food services industries, the Center for American Progress on the facts on minimum wage hikes and how austerity is hammering state economies,National Employment Law Project on Walmart’s domestic outsourcing, the University of New Hampshire’s Carsey institute on working parents’ lack of access to paid sick leave, Make the Road New York on small business support for a paid sick leave standard, the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities on some basic facts around state and local government workers, Immigration Policy Center on the Obama Administration’s new “deferred action” deportation policy, and a report from researchers at Occidental College and the University of Northern Iowa on the lack of support for most “job killer” allegations in the media.

Read the full roundup.

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