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Welcome to the Stateside Dispatch, Progressive States Network's newly designed weekly newsletter! Here is the latest roundup of news and developments worth knowing.

Spotlight On Progressive Leaders

Colorado State Senator Angela Giron

In a Washington Post op-ed, Sen. Giron, who was recently recalled in an off-year election orchestrated by the Washington gun lobby, defiantly affirms that we've already taken on the gun lobby and won: Colorado's new stronger gun laws remain on the books. Read more here.

California Assemblyman Luis Alejo

Hats off to Assemblyman Alejo, who sponsored the bill to raise California's minimum wage for the first time in five years -- putting money in the pockets of 2.4 million hard-working Californians and generating economic activity that will boost the rest of the state's economy. Gov. Brown is expected to soon sign the bill, which recently passed the state legislature.

Nebraska State Senator Jeremy Nordquist

On the heels of new polling showing that most Americans need more clarity and information on Obamacare, Sen. Nordquist is leading the charge to make sure Nebraskans know how the Affordable Care Act benefits them. Read his op-ed in the Omaha World Herald here.

Don't Miss It

National Week of Action on Public Education

On Monday, Progressive States Action state lawmakers joined with teachers, advocates, and families to formally kick off the National Week of Action to highlight the importance of public education to our children's and nation's future. Since the weekend, they have been holding events such as press conferences, listening sessions, and an unveiling of a major new task force report -- all meant to lift up the voices, the messages, and the policies that advance our vision of a strong educational infrastructure for America, with schools that belong to us all and benefit us all.


Stay tuned for more details to come -- and watch for these hashtags on Twitter: #CommitToAllKids, #NatlWeekEdu, and #ProtectPublicEd! Follow Progressive States Network on Twitter here: @PSNwire.

Pulse Of The Community

Inequality. The progressive community is gearing up for Inequality For All, the new documentary in which Labor Secretary Robert Reich lays out an immense challenge facing America today: the growing divide between the wealthiest few and the rest of us. Together with the Center for Popular Democracy and the Roosevelt Institute, PSN is holding a special film screening on September 26 in Washington, DC. Please contact us for details.

Budget showdowns. With income inequality -- as both a symptom and a problem in itself -- coming into sharper relief in the national debate, Washington is in the grips of the latest budget showdowns that would either make it worse or alleviate it. At stake is funding to keep the nation running past October 1 and funding for the Affordable Care Act, as well as the full faith and credit of the United States. Meanwhile, the House of Representatives recently voted to slash SNAP, better known as food stamps, which several states are also already moving to cut.

AFL-CIO Convention. PSN was pleased to participate in the 2013 AFL-CIO Convention held earlier this month. Check out some of the photos our staff took on Facebook and on Twitter! Among the issues addressed during the convention was the Trans Pacific Partnership, which sparked a protest in DC last week.

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