2008 Progressive States Network Legislative Leadership Retreat

12/08/2008 - 2:00pm - 12/10/2008 - 3:00pm

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2008 Retreat BannerIn conjunction with the Economic Analysis and Research Network (EARN), Progressive States Network is proud to host our Legislative Leadership Retreat at the 2008 EARN Conference. The Retreat will take place at Bally's Las Vegas in Las Vegas, Nevada on December 8th through 10th.

Limited to a select group of 50 progressive state legislators, the Legislative Leadership Retreat will be a unique event, unlike typical conferences. First and foremost, Progressive States Network (PSN) has organized this Retreat to strengthen the state progressive movement. By giving forward-thinking state lawmakers the opportunity to meet and form lasting bonds with their peers and gain important insights, lessons, and best practices to guide their work back home, we aim to fortify our collective commitment to delivering progressive change in our statehouses, thereby reforming America’s politics and advancing the policies our country so desperately needs.

To prepare and equip lawmakers, PSN has designed workshops to provide participants the opportunity to delve deeper into issues than they could at a typical conference. Sessions are structured to balance expert presentations with peer-based learning and discussions, and will focus on some of the most critical issues facing states across the country, including:

  • the growing economic crisis
  • worker’s rights
  • health care for all
  • outsourcing and privatization
  • fair immigration reform
  • clean and fair elections
  • broadband and technology
  • smart growth and clean energy

The program will offer a dynamic combination of sessions:

  • Plenary sessions will provide a "big picture" perspective that illuminates the current social, economic, and political context.
  • PSN’s issue workshops will showcase promising models and best practices in specific issue areas, providing the in-depth information and concrete
  • strategies needed to introduce and advance progressive policies in the 2009 legislative session.
  • EARN workshops organized by staff from state and regional multi-issue research, policy, and advocacy organizations will present research and analysis on a variety of critical issues paired with best practices.
  • Training sessions will help deepen understanding and build concrete skills.
  • Plenary speakers include Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative journalist David Cay Johnston, SEIU Executive Vice President Gerry Hudson, New York Times best-selling author Thomas Frank, and Andrea Batista Schlesinger, the Executive Director of the Drum Major Institute for Public Policy.

See the links below for helpful conference resources. For additional information, please don't hesitate to contact our Outreach Coordinator Marisol Thomer at or (212) 680-3116 x 108.


The 2008 Progressive States Network Legislative Leadership Retreat has been made possible through the generous contributions of the Ford Foundation and the W.K. Kellogg Foundation.