Community Policing and Response to Secure Communities

Community Policing as an Alternative to Local Enforcement of Immigration Law

Local Law Enforcement Backs Away from Punitive 287g Programs

Local communities are increasingly rejecting punitive anti-immigrant law enforcement policies such as 287g from the previous administration. They are walking away from agreements to have local police serve as federal immigration authorities, rejecting both their budgetary costs and the way they damage relationships and trust between police and the communities they serve.

Job Losses & State Fiscal Crises: Time for More Federal Stimulus Spending

The numbers from this month's job report were brutal: 263,000 payroll jobs lost in a month and the unemployment rate hit 9.8 percent.  Since the pre-recession peak, the economy has lost 7.2 million jobs and overall hours worked have now declined by 8.6 percent.  A record share of the unemployed (35.6 percent) are “long-term unemployed” and have been out of work for at least six months.

Session Roundups and Anti-immigrant Legislators Largely Marginalized

While immigration continued to be debated in states across the country this session, most anti-immigrant bills were defeated and more positive approaches to new immigrants were debated.  Even in sessions dominated by budget crises, positive policies were enacted in many states.

States' Victory Against Preemption - FDA Approval Does not Block State Tort Claims Against Drug Makers

More Recovery Data, Union Busting, Voter Registration Modernization, and New Immigration Reports

Reports Continue to Highlight the Dire Economy but also Tools for Recovery:

  • Recovery package eases but does not eliminate job woes- As EPI highlights in this state-by-state map of projected job losses, even with the recently passed stimulus package, most states will still have fewer jobs at the end of 2010 than they did before the recession began.
  • Pensionomics: Measuring the Economic Impact of State & Local Pension Plans - This new report finds that state and local government pension plans have a significant economic footprint:  supporting 2.5 million American jobs and had  $358 billion in economic impact.
  • The Future of Middle-Skill Jobs - This brief from the Brookings Institution examines the importance of mid-level jobs in helping disadvantaged workers move up the economic ladder.  With demand for those mid-level jobs growing, we need policies to help low-income workers gain the education and training to qualify for them.

Integrating New Immigrants into our Communities: Smarter Policy, Smarter Politics

The general failure of anti-immigration politics at the polls in recent years has led many state leaders to switch their focus from anti-immigration initiatives to addressing the real challenge of integrating new immigrants into our communities and economy.  This change of strategy is especially critical in a time when we need all in our community working together to revive our states.

In fact, many state leaders have been quietly pursuing smart, integrative policies that promote stronger local communities, protect public safety and save money for the taxpayers.  As Progressive States highlighted in our September 2008 report The Anti-Immigrant Movement That Failed, the majority of both legal and undocumented immigrants live in states that are promoting some version of integrative policies, even as the media continues to focus on the relative handful of state where punitive policies have been enacted.

Integrating New Immigrants into our Communities: Smarter Policy, Smarter Politics

Policy Checklist for the New State Legislative Sessions

With legislative sessions getting underway around the country, this Dispatch provides a list of key bills and policies that we encourage legislators to consider introducing.  While not exhaustive of the range of needed reforms in states, they emphasize initiatives of strategic importance that are being considered in multiple states.  Working with our various partners, Progressive States Network is providing staff support for these policies and will work to use movement in multiple states to generate national media and attention.  This in turn will create greater momentum to assist individual states in pushing bills to passage.  The following is a quick checklist of key policies with links to model legislation and policy summaries.