2010 Legislative Session Roundups: HI, AZ, AL, WI, KY

2010 Legislative Session Roundup: Utah

Grappling with its own large budget deficit, the Utah State legislature found time to move a number of initiatives, both positive and negative.  Public education and higher education both suffered significant cuts, although not as bad as the worst proposals, with a tobacco tax the major revenue approved to close budget gaps.  

Legislative Session Roundups: NM, WV, IN, UT, and WY

As legislative sessions come to a close, PSN highlights positive gains, legislative defeats, and unfinished business. This Dispatch will feature state legislative session roundups for New Mexico, West Virginia, Indiana, Utah, and Wyoming.

Reducing Military Spending to Spur Economic Growth at Home

Promoting Wage Law Enforcement Policies in 2010

Progressive States Network will be working with state leaders around the country to promote policies to improve enforcement of minimum wage, overtime and related wage laws in the states.  This Dispatch will highlight the chronic wage violations in the workplace, model wage law enforcement language for states to promote, messaging to support those campaigns, and specific ways such an approach has the added benefit of undercutting anti-immigrant attacks in the states.

Promoting Wage Law Enforcement Policies in 2010

Nebraska Session Roundup

The Nebraska Legislature ended three days ahead of the originally scheduled adjournment date.  During the 2009 session, 236 bills were passed, including budget bills and issues ranging from encouraging wind energy development and establishing lethal injection as the state’s method of execution.

Session Roundups and Anti-immigrant Legislators Largely Marginalized

While immigration continued to be debated in states across the country this session, most anti-immigrant bills were defeated and more positive approaches to new immigrants were debated.  Even in sessions dominated by budget crises, positive policies were enacted in many states.