Energy Technologies & Energy Efficiency Projects

Public Transit Best Vehicle for Economic Recovery

An overseen benefit of public transit is the creation and retention of sustainable jobs.  On January 5, 2010, the Center for Neighborhood Technology, Smart Growth America, and U.S. PIRG released What We Learned from the Stimulus, a study that concluded that public transportation generates more jobs than highway construction, although highway construction received more American Recovery and Reinvestment Act funds than public transit. 

State Leaders Weigh in on Final Health Care Reform Bill

Take Action: Additional Federal Job Creation and State Fiscal Relief Needed

With the new year, Progressive States Network is working with allies to launch a campaign to demand a new, federal job creation plan that includes fiscal relief to state and local governments in order to foster economic growth and create and maintain jobs. We are asking state legislators to sign onto a letter to promote this job creation plan, the full text of which can be seen at Legislators can sign the letter at or by emailing

Eye on the Right: Businesses Split over Climate Change

The debate over clean energy is ripping open divisions in conservative business lobbies.  Debate on federal climate change legislation has led an increasing number of businesses to leave the Chamber of Commerce, the National Association of Manufacturers, and other business associations because of those organizations' stances against recognizing the scientific validity of climate change. The revolt has been growing ever since a senior Chamber official called for a "Scopes monkey trial of the 21st century" to evaluate evidence of global warming.

EPA to Follow States and Ban Lead from Automobile Wheels

Car owners and fans of NPR's Car Talk know that when you get new tires or rotate them, the tires need to be balanced.  Often, those tires are balanced with lead weights, which either disintegrate over time from daily driving, releasing lead powder into our environment, or are knocked off by curbs and unkempt roads.  Maine, Vermont, and Washington have banned lead weights, and at least California and Iowa are considering similar action.  The Environmental Protection Agency has taken notice, recently signaling that it will work to institute a nationwide ban of leads weights as Europe has already done.