Research Roundup: Austerity Hammering State Economies, Deferred Action on Deportation, Paid Sick Leave, and More

In this week’s Research Roundup: Recent reports from the Food Chain Workers Alliance on workers in the food production and food services industries, the Center for American Progress on the facts on minimum wage hikes and how austerity is hammering state economies, National Employment Law Project on Walmart’s domestic outsourcing, the University of New Hampshire’s Carsey Institute on working parents’ lack of access to paid sick leave, Make the Road New York on small business support for a paid sick leave standard, the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities on some basic facts around state and local government workers, Immigration Policy Center on the Obama Administration’s new “deferred action” deportation policy, and a report from researchers at Occidental College and the University of Northern Iowa on the lack of support for most “job killer” allegations in the media.

Messaging Resource: Responding to SB 1070

This messaging resource will help  unpack the provisions being challenged, sketch out likely outcomes for the decision, and frame the debate in ways that spotlight the failings of the SB 1070 approach and the way forward: through common-sense immigration policies that expand economic opportunity for all residents, both immigrant and native-born.

Progressive States Network Applauds New Administration Policy Protecting DREAMers from Deportation, Points to Continuing Importance of State Tuition Equity Efforts


"This morning’s announcement by the Obama administration that DREAM Act eligible students and others will be allowed to apply for deferred action and work authorization is a common-sense, humane, and responsible action that will immediately bring hope to hundreds of thousands young undocumented Americans seeking nothing more than to continue to live in their country and contribute to our economy. We applaud the administration for taking decisive, practical action today that immediately allows so many talented young people already living here to, for the first time, see a real future for themselves in their nation."

New Report: State Laws on Wage Theft Grossly Inadequate

Wage theft, or the systemic non-payment of wages by unethical employers, is a growing problem affecting millions of workers across the country and costing states billions of dollars in lost tax revenue. Yet, only a few states are starting to address the problem in earnest through legislation – and the vast majority have laws that are grossly inadequate. Those are the conclusions of an extensive, first-of-its-kind evaluation of state laws, Where Theft is Legal: Mapping Wage Theft Laws in the 50 States, released by Progressive States Network. The report grades individual states across the broad body of state laws needed to comprehensively address this growing national crime wave, and concludes that 44 of the 50 states (plus Washington D.C.) deserve failing grades.

A “New Low” in Alabama as State Passes Second Divisive Anti-Immigrant Law

Last Friday, Governor Robert Bentley signed into law a head-scratcher of a bill, HB 658, which not only fails to address the catastrophic provisions of HB 56, but doubles down on its failed attrition-through enforcement strategy and cements Alabama’s standing as home to the most extreme anti-immigrant legislation in the country.

Latest Alabama Anti-Immigrant Bill a “New Low,” Says National Group of State Legislators


State Legislators for Progressive Immigration Policy – a growing national group of 96 state legislators representing constituents in 38 states and counting – issued the following statement today on last week’s signing of Alabama’s latest anti-immigrant bill, HB 658, into law:

Messaging Resource: SB 1070 Supreme Court Case Talking Points

The Supreme Court will soon decide the constitutionality of key provisions of Arizona’s anti-immigrant SB 1070 law in Arizona v. United States. While the decision is likely to be handed down in late June, it is very important that legislators, advocates, and activists speak with a unified voice about this divisive and mean-spirited law. This PDF is a messaging resource that highlights the law’s unconstitutionality but also emphasizes the economically destructive nature of anti-immigrant legislation and the clear trend amongst the broad majority of state legislatures around the country that have chosen not to follow Arizona’s lead.