Grow the Electorate

PSA letter of support for CA AB 413 (all-mail elections pilot program in Yolo County)

In April 2011, PSA submitted a letter supporting CA AB 413, which would implement an all-mail elections pilot program in Yolo County.

PSN-VBM Project article for WV's Municipal League newsletter, regarding the all-mail pilot program

PSN wrote an article in conjunction with the Vote By Mail Project for WV's Municipal League newsletter, encouraging counties to participate in the newly-implemented all-mail elections pilot program.

PSN review of mail voting literature

In May 2011, PSN put together a summary of mail voting studies to date, synthesizing information on turnout, impact on various demographics, security and fraud.  Information pertains to no-excuse absentee voting, permanent absentee voting, and all-mail elections.

PSA memorandum in support of NY A8277-A (constitutional amendment to remove restrictions on no-excuse absentee voting)

PSA sent a memorandum to NY Speaker of the House Sheldon Silver on behalf of several labor groups in the state, urging him to bring NY A8277-A to a vote.

Democracy NC's overview of NC's youth pre-registration bill

NC passed HB 1230, a youth pre-registration bill, in 2009. This overview takes a comprehensive look at the benefits to civics education and involvement and explains how the new law will be implemented.

FairVote - "Voter Pre-Registration at Age Sixteen and Seventeen"

This FairVote fact sheet makes the case for a uniform voter pre-registration age at 16 or 17.

Pew Center on the States - "The Real Cost of Voter Registration"

This report from Pew Center on the states examines the unnecessary costs of voter registration due to an antiquated, paper-based system and suggests voter registration modernization as a way to cut costs and increase accuracy of the voter rolls.

Progressive States Action Testimony for California's SB 397 (Online Voter Registration)

PSA submitted testimony in May 2011 supporting CA's SB 397, which would allow counties to implement an online registration system.