Grow the Electorate

Progressive States Action Testimony for Hawaii's HB 343 (Same Day Registration)

PSA submitted testimony in February 2011 for HI HB 343, a bill that would allow same day voter registration.  Our testimony highlights the success of the reform in other states as well as offers the perspectives of legislators in other states regarding the value of SDR.

Project Vote's Model Online Registration Bill

This model bill from Project Vote allows all citizens, regardless of whether they have a government ID, to access an online registration portal in order to register to vote or update their information.

Enfranchising American Youth

In this paper, Project Vote reviews the voter registration and voting rates of 18- to 29-year-old citizens in recent elections and examines existing laws that hinder or facilitate participaiton by young, non-college attending voters.

Expanding the Youth Electorate through Preregistration

This legislative brief from Project Vote discusses the underrepresentation of youth - particularly youth of color - in the general electorate, and how the growing trend of preregistration helps to address this problem.  It concludes with recommendations for implementing preregistration policies.

Best Practices for Implementing Effective High School Voter Registration Programs

After surveying state officials and education administrators, Project Vote analyzed the data and identified best practices, solutions to problems encountered in various jurisdictions, and the effectiveness of high school voter registration programs across the U.S.

Modernizing Voter Registration: Momentum in the States

This Brennan Center report looks at the various ways in which states began to move toward a system in which voters are automatically and permanently added to the rolls, with fail-safes in case of government mistakes.

Election Day Registration: Best Practices

This guide focuses on key areas such as poll worker recruiting and training, EDR administration, avoiding confusion and congestion, addressing special populations and looking ahead to the future.

Voters Win With Same Day Registration

Demos examines statistics from the 2008 elections in this fact sheet, and finds that same day registration greatly enhances the opportunity for Americans to participate in the electoral process.

Voters Win With Same Day Registration, 2010 Midterm Elections Fact Sheet

This fact sheet from Demos finds that, historically, states that allow for Same Day Registration consistently lead the nation in voter turnout, and that trend continued in the 2010 midterms elections.