Mail-in and Early Voting

PSA letter of support for CA AB 413 (all-mail elections pilot program in Yolo County)

In April 2011, PSA submitted a letter supporting CA AB 413, which would implement an all-mail elections pilot program in Yolo County.

PSN-VBM Project article for WV's Municipal League newsletter, regarding the all-mail pilot program

PSN wrote an article in conjunction with the Vote By Mail Project for WV's Municipal League newsletter, encouraging counties to participate in the newly-implemented all-mail elections pilot program.

PSN review of mail voting literature

In May 2011, PSN put together a summary of mail voting studies to date, synthesizing information on turnout, impact on various demographics, security and fraud.  Information pertains to no-excuse absentee voting, permanent absentee voting, and all-mail elections.

PSA memorandum in support of NY A8277-A (constitutional amendment to remove restrictions on no-excuse absentee voting)

PSA sent a memorandum to NY Speaker of the House Sheldon Silver on behalf of several labor groups in the state, urging him to bring NY A8277-A to a vote.

Voting System Scorecard: Are states serving the rising electorate?

This detailed 50-state scorecard from Rock The Vote ranks evaluated state voting laws with an on a 21-point scale that aims to assess how well states are serving young voters in three categories: voter registration, ease of casting a ballot, and encouraging young voter participation.

All-Mail Voting Is One Winner of Colorado's Primary

As pundits attempt to digest what Colorado's primary on Tuesday night means for incumbents and insurgents alike, there is one thing everyone can agree on: voting by mail saved counties much-needed money while boosting turnout.

All-Mail Voting Increases Turnout and Saves Money in Hawaii Special Election

Results from Hawaii's recent all-mail special election for Congress are in--and the clear winner was the mail voting system that dramatically increased turnout and saved the state sorely needed money. 

Vote by Mail: Saving Money in Colorado

Highlighting the gains from allowing vote by mail options, Boulder County has joined a growing list of Colorado counties and localities that will conduct the 2010 primary election only by mail.

State Policymakers Need to Respond to Growing Clout of Latino Voters Nationwide

A recent report from the advocacy group America’s Voice highlighted the growing power of Latino voters in the upcoming 2010 elections.  Latino voters played a critical role in 2008 to propel President Obama to victory in several key swing states that previously trended Republican, including Virginia.  Latino voter registration and turnout rates have exploded over the past few years: roughly 10 million voted in the 2008 Presidential election alone, a 2.5 million increase from 2004 and 4 million person increase since 2000.  Latino voter registration grew by over 54% between 2000 and 2008, and turnout grew 64% over the same time period.