Enforce Job Quality and Public Benefit Standards on Subsidy Recipients

Economic Subsidy Recipients Who Fail on Job Promises to be Held Accountable in NY

State creates economic development program to encourage business investment in the state. State hands out billions in economic subsidies. State finds out many companies have taken the cash and failed to deliver on promised jobs.

Target's Tax Subsidies Under Scrutiny After Chicago Living Wage Fight

Target management apparently didn't get the memo. Faced with stagnating wages and increasing inequality, American workers and taxpayers are waking up to the big box gambit where irresponsible employers subsidize their low wages through favorable tax packages. When Target threatened to stop opening new stores in Chicago if the Windy City gave final approval to its ordinance requiring a living wage for retail workers (see this Dispatch for more details), it opened up a new debate over why cities are offering low-wage retail stores tax subsidies in the first place. As a new report produced by the Neighborhood Capital Budget Group documents, Target received $9.9 million in tax-increment financing (TIF) to subsidize its existing stores in Chicago.

Supremes May Undercut State Tax Powers

State governments offer businesses tens of billions in tax incentives each year to invest in their states-- corporate subsidies that many advocates see as wasteful giveways but that others see as a lifeline for their communities.