Resist Vote Suppression by Right-Wing

The Disproportionate Impact of Photo-ID Laws on the Minority Electorate

This study updates previous academic research on the issue by including the 2008 dataset of registered voters and find that minority and foreign-born voters are less likely to have a valid photo-ID.

Protecting the Right to Vote in Lousiana

As coordinated right-wing legislative attempts to suppress voter turnout in disenfranchised communities continue in state after state, those truly concerned about protecting the right to vote are also taking action.

With Hours to Go Before Elections, Right-Wing Voter Suppression Picks Up Steam

"We are all voter fraud police now," said right-wing pundit Michelle Malkin recently. And sure enough, her right-wing compatriots have been more than happy to join call to continue hyping the conservative myth of systematic voter fraud in the final hours leading up to Election Day. 

Right Wing Voter Suppression Efforts Take Off As Election Day Nears

Suppressing the vote in historically disenfranchised areas is a time-honored tradition for the right-wing machine, and this year is no exception. With just two weeks to go until the elections, the gloves have officially come off. Here are a few of the notorious incidents that have surfaced in recent weeks:

Georgia's Draconian Voter Verification System Passes Federal Muster

Two years of courtroom battles ended on Monday as Georgia received a green light from the US Department of Justice (DOJ) to go ahead with its controversial voter verification system, a major step backward for the state.