Necessary Components of Comprehensive Reform

States Move Forward on Health Care Reforms

As Congress debates the last steps needed to pass historic comprehensive health care reform, state legislators continue to press forward their efforts to enact state reforms as well as lay the groundwork for implementing reforms in a federal bill.  Here is a summary of some of the most recent developments taking place across the country.

Targeting Insurance Abuses as a Path to Federal Health Reform

This Dispatch will: highlight a few of the state insurance reform campaigns underway and the health insurance problems they highlight; detail how to message these campaigns to support federal reform; provide a roundup of policy options and model bills for other states interested in moving similar insurance reforms; and end with a set of resources on the campaign, including national policy organizations, key reports, and bills moving across the country.

PSN Leaders and Allied Legislators Meet With White House and Capitol Hill Leaders on Health Care Reform

With final negotiations moving forward on Capitol Hill on a final health care reform bill, over two dozen state legislators met with the White House and Capitol Hill leaders to share views of how to build a strong state-federal partnership to provide quality, affordable health care for all Americans.

Federal Health Reform and the States

This Dispatch will examine how federal reform will likely impact states, analyzing specific provisions and whether they are beneficial or detrimental to states' ability to partner with the federal government in pursuit of quality, affordable health care for all.

State Public Health Insurance Plans are Models for National Health Reform

While the current debate in DC has focused on the choice of public health insurance plan, this Dispatch will outline how state legislators and health care advocates have already been advancing the priority of a public plan - helping to build grassroots support for creating the choice of a public health insurance plan as part of comprehensive health care reform.  Notable state campaigns to extend public plans to more families include Healthy Wisconsin, a guaranteed health care program for all state residents, providing state employee-level benefits and ensuring consumers' choice of providers, which passed the State Senate in 2007, and the Connecticut Healthcare Partnership, allowing small businesses and municipalities to buy coverage through the state employee health plan, which passed the legislature in 2008 but was vetoed by the Governor. This year, these initiatives have been reinvigorated by legislators and joined by other proposals that hinge on creating a public plan, like SustiNet, a comprehensive reform measure which creates a true public health insurance option in Connecticut, the nation's insurance capitol.