Necessary Components of Comprehensive Reform

Iowa Advances Health Reform Agenda

Prior to last Monday's White House health care forum in Des Moines, Iowa, one of fiveregional forums being held across the country, the Iowa Senate passed two significant health care reform measures - one symbolic and one substantive.

Health Care for All: Policy Options for 2009

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To address voters' concerns and reach the goal of health care for all, reform must guarantee comprehensive coverage for all residents as well as tackle the escalating cost of health care and ensure the highest quality of care possible.  These areas - cost, quality, and access - are inextricably linked.

This section outlines the key values that any policymaker should incorporate into a comprehensive reform package tailored to their own state's needs, with the goal of achieving affordable, quality health care for all residents.

New Report - Individual Health Care Mandates and the Problem of Affordability

In a new report, Progressive States Network updates a fall 2007 edition of the Stateside Dispatch and discusses the growth of legislative measures to protect consumers from unaffordable health care costs. Individual Health Care Mandates and the Problem of Affordability uses the experience of Massachusetts' individual mandate as a case study to demonstrate the need for strong language ensuring affordability and profiles various legislative models for affordability protections.

California Health Care Reform - Momentum Stalled

After more than a year of negotiation, compromise, and ample national attention, major health care reform in California was dealt a seemingly lethal blow on Monday.  The compromise health care measure,  ABX1 1, was rejected by the Senate Health Committee by a none-too-subtle 7 to 1 vote.  The reform, which resembled the 2006 Massachusetts law, was largely crafted by Speaker Nunez and the Governor after an earlier version was vetoed by Schwarzenegger in September.   Senate President Pro Tem Perata, while a participant in negotiations throughout, never came to fully back the latest measure.