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Pennsylvania Agenda For Women's Health: Going Beyond Playing Defense

Today, on the anniversary of the landmark Roe v. Wade decision, Pennsylvania legislators are shining a spotlight on the Pennsylvania Agenda for Women's Health. Reflecting a cross-section of issues and concerns facing women and families today, the Agenda is designed to go beyond playing defense and advance a slate of proactive women's health priorities.

US: As Economy Takes Toll, Mental Health Budgets Shrink

Mental health policies in America have changed radically over the past 60 years. A one-time emphasis on caring for patients in large institutions has shifted to treating them in outpatient settings in the community. The ways mental disorders are diagnosed and categorized have changed. And the use of psychotropic medications is more prevalent than it used to be.

US: States, Federal Government Move Forward With High-Risk Pools

The federal government began accepting applications for the high risk pools it will run in 29 states and the District of Columbia last Thursday, PBS Newshour reports. The other 21 states chose to run their own pools and may be on different schedules.

How States Fare Under Obama’s Health Reform Blueprint

This week, President Obama released his blueprint for comprehensive health care legislation.  The plan 's release means Obama can outline the specifics of what he wants to see in a final bill for the first time.  Many political observers see the decision to outline specifics as not only a jump start to move health care reform across the finish line but also as a stamp of approval for the Senate to use a majority vote through the reconciliation process, a strategy which appears to be gaining momentum.

Maine Victory on Medical Marijuana Use Comes as Feds Decide Not to Use Prosecutions to Frustrate Local Laws

Maine's voters approved a measure by a margin of 59% to 41% to make it the fifth state to allow retail pot dispensaries, expanding its existing ten year-old medical marijuana law.  Maine now joins California, Colorado, New Mexico and Rhode Island which allow for places where medical marijuana patients can legally buy pot. Unlike California's more free-wheeling system, Maine law will require that dispensaries be licensed by the state and more narrowly defines medical conditions for which patients can be prescribed pot.

Extending Coverage by Keeping Youth on their Parents Health Care Plan

Young adults between the ages of 19 and 29 represent one of the largest and fastest-growing segments ofthe U.S. population without health care coverage.  In an effort toensure that all Americans are insured a growing number of states have enacted legislation to allow children to stay on their parents' health insurance plans well into adulthood.