Prevent Discrimination Based on National Origin

TN: Tennesseans Favor Arizona-Style Immigration Law, Poll Suggests

Tennesseans favor bringing Arizona’s controversial immigration measure to the state by a 4-to-1 margin, a poll conducted by The Tennessean and other media outlets found.

Seventy-two percent of voters in the state say they would support enacting a law that would require people stopped by police to prove they are in the country legally. Such legislation would be modeled after an Arizona immigration statute scheduled to go into effect Thursday that lets police charge people who cannot prove their citizenship status under the state’s criminal trespassing laws.

Anti-immigrant Proposals Continue to Fail in Wake of Arizona’s Law

As this Dispatch will detail, after considerable media hype about Arizona-style bills sweeping across the nation, the reality is that from from Nevada to Arkansas to Massachusetts to Kansas and Rhode Island, anti-immigrant bills and ballot initiatives largely didn't move or failed to make this fall's ballot.  A key reason:  most state leaders and police chiefs recognize that requiring local governments to assume immigration enforcement responsibilities from the federal government will distract them from fighting violent crime and undermine trust with local residents that are essential to successful community policing.

AR: Immigration Ballot Measure Fails to Make Ballot

Secure Arkansas Proposal Fails Signature Threshold

Talk Business has learned that Secure Arkansas, the grassroots organization pushing a citizen's sponsored illegal immigration ballot issue, has failed to submit enough raw signatures for its measure to be considered for the November general election.

AZ: Obama Administration Sues to Block Arizona Immigration Law

TN: Gov. Bredesen Signs Anti-Immigrant Bill, Says He Didn’t Think Bill Was Necessary

NASHVILLE — Gov. Phil Bredesen said Tuesday he signed a bill requiring local jailers to try and determine the immigration status of prisoners in part to keep the issue from “throwing gasoline on the fire” in this year’s political campaigns.

But the governor, a Democrat who is barred by law from seeking a third term, also said that while he doesn’t like how the bill is being used “symbolically,” he views its requirements as not unreasonable in light of similar local-federal partnerships already under way in the state’s four biggest counties.

Anti-Immigrant Amendments Fail in Massachusetts State Legislature

Yet another set of anti-immigrant proposals, this time offered as last-minute amendments to a Massachusetts state budget bill, failed to gain traction last week.  Twenty-seven pages of draconian anti-immigrant amendments were reduced to text that simply re-states existing bars on undocumented residents applying for public benefits.

AZ: Illegal Immigrants Departure Affecting Businesses

Luis Sanchez and Marlen Ramirez, undocumented immigrants from Mexico, packed up and moved to Pennsylvania this month, taking their three U.S. citizen children with them.

Many will cheer their departure, saying it's a sign that Arizona's new immigration law, which hasn't taken effect yet, is driving out illegal immigrants and potentially saving the state money. But not everyone is pleased over the exodus of Latinos, both legal and illegal, saying their flight from Arizona could hurt businesses, schools and neighborhoods.

FL: Republican Leaders Drawing Up Arizona-Styled Anti-Immigrant Legislation

Florida Republican leaders have begun crafting anti-illegal-immigrant legislation modeled after an Arizona law that has incited widespread protests and fueled national and international debate over U.S. immigration policies.

Under the proposed bill, police would have broad power under state law to ask suspects for proof of legal residency, said Rep. William Snyder, a Republican from Stuart who plans to introduce the legislation in November.