Protect Registration Drives


As a response to successful efforts by non-partisan and progressive organizations to register hundreds of thousands of new voters in recent years, many states are enacting restrictions on voter registration drives.These laws have a discriminatory effect as African Americans and members of Spanish-speaking households are twice as likely to be registered through a voter registration drive than whites or members of English-speaking households.

  • In Florida, strict deadlines have been established, mandating that completed registration forms must be delivered to election officials within days of being filled out.  Failure to comply with the deadlines makes a person liable for heavy fines.  This recently led the League of Women Voters of Florida to briefly suspend voter registration activities.  The law is currently not being enforced while a lawsuit between the League and the state is resolved.
  • In Ohio, voting rights groups won a lawsuit that struck down voter registration provisions that required “registration drive workers to register and to undergo training, to list detailed information on each registration form they help with and for every gatherer to turn in forms in person, not through an organizer”¦" 

Project Vote — Policy Brief on Restricting Voter Registration Drives

Voting Rights 2008: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Fallout from Montana Voter Challenge Plan Continues:  Last week we highlighted the tremendous job that Forward Montana and other local advocates did in bringing a massive attempt to challenge voters in Montana to a stop.  In just a few days the plan was abandoned amid serious public backlash.  This week there has been additional fallout as the executive director of the state GOP has stepped down.  Clearly trying to keep people like deployed soldiers from voting wasn't a popular activity in the big sky state.