Federal Funding for State Innovation

2.4 Million Jobs Supported by the Recovery Act - and a Depression Averted

This week marks the one-year anniversary of the passage of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA).  The annual report by the White House task force monitoring the impact of ARRA funds, led by Vice-President Joe Biden, finds that up to 2.4 million jobs have been created or saved in both the public and private sector as a result of federal recovery efforts. 

Eye on the Right: Opposing the Recovery While Taking Credit for the Results

How do we know the Recovery Act is working?

Over 70 members of the House of Representatives vociferously opposed ARRA, but returned to their home districts to take credit for job creation, investments in infrastructure and the green economy, and spending on critical community needs.  Many of these same lawmakers requested further federal funds for projects in their states.

Job Creation and State Fiscal Relief Resolutions Moving in the States

In the State of the Union speech, President Barack Obama stated, " must be our number-one focus in 2010, and that's why I'm calling for a new jobs bill." With the fiscal crisis forcing states to layoff hundreds of thousands of teachers, nurses and police officers, the need for more federal job creation and state fiscal relief support is clear.  And there is substantial momentum building around this issue in the states.

Tuesday's Lesson: Bold State Leadership Needed More than Ever

Gridlock.  Slow fulfillment of promises of change in D.C.  A health care bill so compromised that even supporters are unhappy with many details. Frustration with D.C. seemed to be the clearest message from Massachusetts voters on Tuesday. But what can we expect other than gridlock and resistance when a 59-seat super-majority in the U.S. Senate is insufficient to pass serious legislation?  Or when monied interests in D.C. buy off support to block serious reforms on financial regulations, health care and climate change legislation? This is why bold, progressive leadership in the states matters. 

Take Action: Additional Federal Job Creation and State Fiscal Relief Needed

With the new year, Progressive States Network is working with allies to launch a campaign to demand a new, federal job creation plan that includes fiscal relief to state and local governments in order to foster economic growth and create and maintain jobs. We are asking state legislators to sign onto a letter to promote this job creation plan, the full text of which can be seen at Legislators can sign the letter at or by emailing

Focus on Jobs: The Next Step in National Economic Recovery and State Fiscal Relief

On Tuesday, December 8th, President Barack Obama delivered an address to the Brookings Institution on the need for increased focus on the job crisis that is affecting so many working families across the country.