Reduce Military Spending to Fund Human Needs

Reforming Defense Spending and National Guard Overseas Deployments

This Stateside Dispatch will discuss the security and economic benefits of a shift to a more well-rounded defense program as well as highlight the toll of sending National Guard members and equipment overseas.   Particularly, this Dispatch will focus on the efforts of two organizations - the Women Legislators' Lobby (WiLL) and Bring the Guard Home Campaign - who work to educate state legislators on the impact of federal military decisions and mobilize them to take action to protect the interests of states and their residents while advancing national security.

President's Budget Would Devastate State Services

States are facing hard budget times this year, with twenty states facing a combined budget shortfall of at least $34 billion for 2009 -- and the President's proposed budget would not only make them worse, but would disproportionately hurt many of the most vulnerable populations in the country.

National Guard Readiness: Iraq, Kansas, and Future Disasters

It took two days after the Kansas tornadoes nearly wiped Greensburg, Kansas off the map before a significant number of military vehicles arrived, most streaming in from Wichita about 100 miles away.  As Kansas State Senator Donald Betts Jr., put it:

Twenty States Introduce Resolutions Against Iraq Escalation (2007)

The Progressive States Network announced today that over 20 state legislatures so far have introduced resolutions opposing the President's proposed escalation in Iraq.

States Respond to Bush's Escalation Plan

Yesterday, state legislators from across America joined with U.S. Senator Ted Kennedy, Progressive States, and our partners at MoveOn, the Women Legislators' Lobby, and Americans Against Escalation in Iraq to discuss the power (.wav format) of states to play a key role in preventing President George W. Bush's disastrous escalation proposal.