Quality K-12 Education

Report: Dropout Rates Across the States

As President Obama mentioned earlier this year, the United States has "one of the highest high-school dropout rates out of any industrialized nation."  Currently only about 7 out of 10 public school students graduate high-school with a diploma. 

Assuring Accountability and Equity in Recovery Spending

In this Dispatch, we emphasize that any stimulus spending has to be tied to increased accountability and transparency in spending decisions, especially by government contractors who often operate like a shadow government with little oversight.  One key reality is that those most in need often don't receive help from government spending without transparency and accountability measures built into the rules.  While the recent federal recovery plan made real strides in expanding such accountability, additional measures are still needed if the recovery plan is going to deliver real equity in our economic recovery.

Report: Wave of Teacher Retirements Demands New Mentoring Program to Train Next Generation of Teachers

Increased retirement among experienced teachers over the next few yearscoupled with high attrition rates for beginner educators, places oureducation system in a precarious position.

Privatization Update: Schools, Prisons, Mental Health -- and What States are Doing to Hold Contractors Accountable

Given the central role of private contractors in delivering public services, this Dispatch continues our series of Privatization Updates (see November's edition). Today we focus on current privatization debates in the education, prison and mental health sectors -- and what states are doing to increase accountability for contractors.

Community Schools Movement Gains Momentum

Public schools will have more success if they pay attention not only to students' lives in the classroom, but also to the multiple elements of their development: social, emotional, physical, cognitive, civic, and moral.  If acting in silos, schools or families often cannot provide students all the support needed for academic and life success. Community schools bring together diverse activities, professionals, and programs for an entire community, creating a system where students' whole beings are nurtured.