Improve Transit Options

EPA to Follow States and Ban Lead from Automobile Wheels

Car owners and fans of NPR's Car Talk know that when you get new tires or rotate them, the tires need to be balanced.  Often, those tires are balanced with lead weights, which either disintegrate over time from daily driving, releasing lead powder into our environment, or are knocked off by curbs and unkempt roads.  Maine, Vermont, and Washington have banned lead weights, and at least California and Iowa are considering similar action.  The Environmental Protection Agency has taken notice, recently signaling that it will work to institute a nationwide ban of leads weights as Europe has already done.

Mass Transit Projects Provide Transportation Equity and Workforce Development

Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty spent less than 24 hours reviewing a transit plan that would create jobs, increase safety, fund better local public transit, and reduce gridlock on the state's roads before he vetoed it. The transit package was backed by a wide coalition of unions, the Chamber of Commerce, and environmental advocacy groups. In calling for the legislature to overturn the veto, the state's AFL-CIO President Ray Waldron said that the sorry condition of roads, bridges, and transit services in the state "has a negative impact on every worker and business in the state. Investments in our transportation infrastructure would help our state's businesses -- and create 33,000 jobs a year for the next five years."