High Road Workplace Practices

State Job Creation Strategies for 2011

The fundamental challenge in this recession is that the growth that preceded it was a mirage. Bubble era borrowing created a network of financial jobs, real estate jobs and construction jobs that collapsed with the end of the bubble. Many of those jobs will never return.

An extremely high proportion (75%) of job losses in this recession are permanent rather than temporary. States will need to nurture completely new industry sectors and the infrastructure to support those jobs, while the jobless will need retraining in new skills to participate in those sectors.

NY Marketplace Brings in Fair Share

OK, so it is a marketplace of ideas, not a literal one, but the Drum Major Institute's Marketplace of Ideas series is featuring Maryland State Senator Gloria Gary Lawlah, the author of Maryland's landmark Fair Share Health Care bill.

The Great Immigration Debate

There's probably no greater debate in America right now than the debate over immigration. What's the solution? Is it a no-tolerance policy that probably doesn't stop the problem, would operate at a massive cost, and would only drive the underground economy further into the shadows?

The Immigration Debate Heats Up a Notch

On the same day that the Cardinal of Los Angeles called for respecting the human rights of immigrants, Western Governors united in support of establishing a national guest worker program, variations on which are promoted both by President Bush and by Senators Kennedy and McCain. The plan the Governors are supporting