Rewarding Work

CO & IA Move to Modify Anti-Union Laws

In the last week, both Iowa's and Colorado's legislatures have moved to modify anti-union laws that undermine the freedom to form unions in those states.

CA: A Living Wage for Airport Hotel Workers

This week, Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa approved a new city law requiring hotels near the LAX airport to pay the same living wage as those companies receiving government contracts: $9.39 an hour if the hotels provide health insurance or $10.64 an hour without benefits.

The Truth About Card Check

There's a hot debate getting hotter over how unions should be formed in America. Progressives say "card check" -- a system in which a union gets a majority (or a super-majority) to sign cards supporting the formation of the union in order for the union to be recognized -- is preferable.

Wildcatting Wal-Mart

Nearly 200 Wal-Mart workers apparently spontaneously walked off the job in Florida in response to new rules that even two department managers leading the walkout deemed "inhuman" (two managers organized this action, at least thirteen others joined in it).

Outrages of the Week

  1. AZ: State Legislator Forwards Racist Email, Calls for Reinstating "Operation Wetback"

PA: Wal-Mart Workers Win Battle in State Court

Two former Wal-Mart employees won a major victory on behalf of 187,000 Wal-Mart workers in Pennsylvania state court today, with a jury finding that Wal-Mart violated state labor laws.
Lawyers for the ex-employees, Dolores Hummel and Michelle Braun, claimed Wal-Mart made workers skip more than 33 million rest breaks from 1998 to 2001 to boost productivity and curb labor costs. More than 70 similar wage-and-hour suits have been filed in the U.S.

Court Denies Free Speech Right for Union Button

The Bill of Rights is a nice idea, but for most workers, it disappears when they punch the clock to begin work each day, even when the employer is the government.

Wal-Mart Moves to Cut Wages

Just a week after Wake-Up Wal-Mart revealed that the retail giant was cutting health care plans, Wal-Mart's new plans to increase the number of its employees that are part-time, while capping wages of all workers, has been revealed by the same organization. Current Wal-Mart workers across the country also cite a number of recent and specific abuses: demands to

IL: Low Wage Daley Strikes Again

Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley thinks Illinoisans should be making lower wages.

Wal-Mart to Gut Health Care Options

Prices are going up at Wal-Mart, for employees that is. The company, already not known for generosity in benefits, is planning on eliminating many of their health care options, leaving workers with two choices: a high deductible plan and a health savings account plan. The plans are being called Value Plan and Freedom Plan, reminding us all once again of the fact that we now inhabit an Orwell novel. The details of this news get horrific very quickly.