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BIG Win: Appeals Ct. Upholds California Pro-Labor Law

This decision by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals is a big legal win for labor.

Chicago Mayor Vetos Retail Living Wage Law

In his first veto over 17 years as mayor, Chicago Mayor Richard Daley has vetoed the ordinance passed by the city council which would have required large retail stores of at least 90,000 square feet to pay $10 an hour, plus $3 in benefits, by July 2010. This is the issue where Daley has decided to divide the city, despite polls showing 71% of Chicagoans support the ordinance.

Op-Ed Responds to Misleading Ads; Berman Pledges to Expand Buy

In response to misleading ads from the Center for Union Facts, Progressive States co-chair Sen. Steve Doherty (Ret.) and Rep.

MT: Attorney General Goes to Bat for Hard Working State Employees

Yesterday, we told you about lobbyist Rick Berman's operation Center for Union Facts (a misleading name, to say the least) putting television ads on the air in four states attacking public employees. Fortunately, not everyone is taking the attacks without responding in kind. In Montana, Attorney General Mike McGrath has come to the defense of the workers he

Rightwing Operatives Launch Dishonest Campaign Targeting Public Employees

What happens when the Chamber of Commerce hands $8 million to a rightwing political operative for the purpose of beating up on unions? Sleazy attacks, attempts to mislead, and outright lies, apparently. At least, that's what has happened with Rick Berman's Center for Union Facts, a front group with huge amounts of funding from the Chamber. The Orwellian-named Center is running ads in four states attacking public employees and their unions.

David Sirota and Joel Barkin -- Live in Colorado

Progressive States co-chair David Sirota and executive director Joel Barkin are joining on their bus tour through Colorado tomorrow, Tuesday, August 22nd. To start the day, they'll be joining AM 760's Jay Marvin from 8:00 AM to 9:00 AM Mountain Time. Listen on the radio or live at The show will be available as a podcast if you miss the broadcast.

Bad Minimum Wage Bill Dies in the Senate

Late night update: The awful minimum wage/Paris Hilton tax cut bill in Congress died tonight. It's a victory. Check here for more background.

IL Judge Uphold Hotel Workers Rest Breaks Law

Last year, the Illinois legislature enacted Public Act 094-0593, a law that requires hotels to provide hotel attendants in the Chicago area with two 15-minute breaks and a half-hour paid lunch period, a response to increased workloads imposed in recent years on workers who make up hotel beds, workloads which have led to increased injur

The US House Minimum Wage CUT Bill

In the cynical monstrosity that the rightwing US House leadership calls its "minimum wage" bill, most progressives have focused on the perversity of demanding a tax cut for Paris Hilton as the price for getting a minimum wage increase.

But progressives should be trumpeting that the bill will actually CUT wages for workers in a number of states by preempting state minimum wage laws for tipped workers. (Link and provision courtesy of the National Restaurant Association) So Paris