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GA: Perdue Buddy Helps Him Find the Magic Kingdom

Governor Sonny Perdue of Georgia is no stranger to Progressive States readers (Perdue made our list of the nation's worst Governors). Now, he's dabbling in that most political of arts: corruption.

NCSL Emerges as Lobbying Loophole as States Crack Down on Ethics Issues

Faced with their own local scandals and an increasingly frustrated public deeply upset with the depth of corruption in statehouses and Washington, D.C., lawmakers have responded by passing increasingly strict state ethics rules. These moves have been a good step, tightening gift rules and increasing transparency through public disclosure.

OH: Voting Problems So Severe, They May Not Be Solved by 2008

A new report commissioned by Cuyahoga County in Ohio has found problems to be so widespread with voting technology and election training that there are fears that the problems will not be solved 2008, much less by this November election.

TX: Lobbyist Turned Consultant Hooks Buddy Up With State Investment

The AP picked up an important story out of Texas, where it appears that the good ol' boy community thinks that corruption is a fine method of operating. The story goes like this: Bill Ceverha, a lobbyist, consultant, and member of the board of the Employees Retirement System of Texas, lobbied for an education privatization front group in 2005. One of his big donors was a man by the name of James Leininger. Leininger is also the founder of Kinetic Concepts.

Progressive States at NCSL

With the annual meeting of the National Conference of State Legislatures quickly approaching, we wanted to make sure NCSL attendees knew about Progressive States events in Nashville. All events are taking place at the Gaylord Opryland Hotel. For questions or to RSVP for the events below, contact Courtney Law at or 212-680-3116. Monday, August 14 -- 2:00 PM-5:00 PM National Labor Caucus Annual Meeting Lincoln D-E Room 5:30 PM-7:30 PM Progressive States Network/AFL-CIO/AFT Reception<

FL: What the People Really Want -- A Progressive Agenda

A conservative leader in Florida's legislature hit upon a novel idea -- ask the people for ideas for better public policy. They got ideas, but the press may now want to follow-up to find out whether the leaders will actually move on the progressive agenda the people are petitioning for. Rep. Marco Rubio came upon the idea with two colleagues and set up a website called to solicit ideas from the public and use the "best" to write a book called 100 Ideas.

US: Governors Gettin' Angry

For months, Progressive States has catalogued multiple attempts by the rightwingers in Washington to gut various

Corruption in Colorado? Follow the Trailhead

Don't ask for Colorado Governor Bill Owens to fulfill the state's duties under open records laws. He'll get lawyers funded by private political committees to threaten you in response. Owens, named earlier this year as one of America's worst Governors, is being questioned about his connections to a 527 named the Trailhead Group.

Outrages of the Week: More Racism in Colorado, Partisan Voter Suppression, and the Right Ditches Federalism

  1. CO: Former Governor Says Latinos and Blacks lack the drive of Asians and Jews Former Colorado Governor Dick Lamm ignited a firestorm of controversy for recently giving a speech in which he said that Latinos and black Americans lack the ambition of Asians and Jews.