Promoting Justice

Budget Savings from Reducing Incarceration

As with our health care system, a generation of conservative control has left a broken and bloated criminal justice system for progressives to mend. Current systems are both ineffective and wildly expensive. The US now incarcerates one out of every one hundred adults.  And newly released numbers from the Pew Center on the States shows that an even greater number - 1 in 45 adults - is on probation or parole.  Adding the two together, 1 in 31 adults in the US is under some form of correctional supervision.  When men (1 in 18) and blacks (1 in 11) are even more stupefying.  Many states have rates significantly higher than the national average. Georgia ranks first in the nation with 1 in 13 adults under correctional supervision, and high ranking states include liberal bastions like Massachusetts (1 in 24).