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Industry Looks to Federal Rules to Preempt State Regulation

Industry Looks to Federal Rules to Preempt State Regulation

Thursday, September 20th, 2007


David Sirota & Lou Dobbs on Trade

Progressive States Co-Chair David Sirota on Lou Dobbs recently discussing recent trade policy.

Stopping 'Fast Track' - State Resolutions

State resolutions opposing "Fast Track" reauthorization.

Fast Track Press Summary

Billings Gazette Op-Ed: Fast-track trade authority hurts Montana farmers, workers March 22, 2007 The Nation Baucus'd in on Trade

Silicon Valley's Little Known Dirty, Polluting Secret

There is a little talked about dirty side to Silicon Valley. Production of computer parts and high-tech manufacturing leaves beyond liquid waste in the form of solvents, inks, acids and other dangerous chemicals. These chemicals are then sent to industrial recycling facilities, such as Romic Environmental Technologies' hazardous waste plant in East Palo Alto, CA.

The Anti-Government Revolution Sputters

Pamela Prah uncovers how the far-right anti-government movement that was supposed to advance TABOR-style spending limit amendments in a host of states this year.

OR: Good News in Spending Fight

A new poll shows Measure 48, Oregon's proposed spending cap, now opposed by a plurality of voters, 32-42. A lot of voters are still undecided, but the rule of thumb in initiative campaigns is that it is easier to get people to vote no than it is to get them to vote yes. The initiative's backers claim stronger support in internal polling.

CA, IL: State Aid for Stem Cell Work After Bush Veto

State leaders, including a number of Republicans, have denounced Bush's veto of expanded funding for stem cell research and California and Illinois have already stepped up with their own funding to provide grants for the work. In other states like Colorado, Florida, Maryland, Missouri and Tennesee, it has become an election year issue in both primaries and upcoming general elections.