Smart Growth and Green Jobs

Pay Dirt: Restoration Economies Uncover Gold (and Green)

Increasingly, elected leaders are recognizing the economic opportunity of promoting a "Restoration Economy," the development of economic activities, such as jobs and increased tourist revenues, that stems directly from restoring damaged natural resources. Restoration activities and projects are typically divided into two sectors: restoration of the natural environment, such as ecosystems, watersheds, mining land, and forests, and restoration of the built environment, such as brownfields and superfund sites. Restoring and rehabilitating communities and natural environments is estimated to be a $1.5-$2 trillion a year global investment opportunity.

Blue and Green: So Happy Together

By doing his very best to destroy each group, Pres. Bush has succeeded in making allies of groups that were historically at odds with each other. Organized labor and environmentalist have joined together to work towards a "green future". Union leaders are realizing that a green economy not only addresses the issue of climate change but will also provide a great new source of well-paying manufacturing jobs, the kind that have been rapidly disappearing from the U.S.

Renewable Portfolio Standards

If you had the misfortune of missing our all-star line-up discussing Renewable Portfolio Standards yesterday, have no fear -- we've got the audio available for download in mp3 format. Featured on the call were:
  • Sen. Steve Doherty (ret.) - The co-chair of Progressive States, Doherty is the former minority leader of the Montana Senate.
  • Rep.

States Tackle Global Warming While D.C. Fiddles

Six Western Governors have launched initiatives to combat global warming, taking the lead in a major issue so far largely ignored by Washington, D.C. In virtually all of the states, the model is the same: appoint committees, typically involving a number of stakeholders, to produce plans to deliver real cuts in greenhouse gas emissions. The action comes on the heels of concern about warming across the West, as farmers face drought and sk

Shooting the Moon

The Apollo Alliance, a top-notch partnership between conservationists and workers, has a new report concerning best practices on energy alternatives in the states.

Renewable Energy Leadership in the States

In President Bush's State of the Union this year, he declared a need to wean America off its addiction to oil. But as the residents of Colorado learned, there's more to policy than mere pretty words. Shortly after President Bush announced his intent to break our addiction, the federal government cut funding for the National Renewable Energy Laboratory in Colorado. President Bush was scheduled to visit Colorado to visit the NREL.