Clean and Fair Elections

FL: Going Beyond Shallow Ethics Reforms

Progressives in Florida are taking a stand on a new ethics bill, saying that the legislation doesn't go far enough. The bill in question is a full outright gift ban, but as some Florida lawmakers, banning gifts from lobbyists may not be enough:
To demonstrate the disparity, outside the House chambers, Gelber placed a corn muffin next to a bucket of Monopoly money. "Current law . . .

ID: House Speaker Pushes Measure to Halt Lobbying Abuses

With Congress refusing to seriously crackdown on the Big Money interests that have corrupted the political process, state lawmakers are taking matters into their own hands. Today, it's Idaho House Speaker Bruce Newcomb (R) who announced a push to "tighten the rules for political hired guns" - and his legislation has the support of both parties.

OR: Portland Clean Elections Survive

Piping fresh news out of Portland this evening. Loaded Orygun sends word that a signature gathering effort has failed to qualify an initiative to repeal Portland's municipal clean elections law.