Tax and Budget Reform

Moving Forward: Championing the Middle Class and Promoting Transparency

In the wake of last week's results, progressives must continue to pursue policies to promote economic growth and equity, address revenue shortfalls through sound tax reform, alleviate the burden on working families, and support public programs. This is especially necessary as conservatives in legislatures and governor's seats are promising a slew of heinous cuts to state programs and several other fiscally irresponsible proposals.

US: Tax caps have big consequences

Nestled in a 224-page gubernatorial campaign agenda  from New York’s Andrew Cuomo this spring was a call for a cap on local property taxes. The proposal didn’t take long to attract attention.

Even Colorado GOP Rejecting Reckless Revenue-Slashing Initiatives

This November, Coloradans will consider three extreme ballot measures, Amendments 60, 61, and Proposition 101, dubbed the "Bad 3."  After the failed TABOR experiment, even conservatives now understand that Colorado can ill afford more reckless tax-cutting measures that will harm the economy, shred public services, and threaten Colorado families.

Messaging for Government Action in an Economic Downturn

At a time of heightened economic and financial pressures, stubbornly high unemployment, damaging service reductions, and a slumping housing market, Americans are extremely frustrated and distrustful of government. With midterm elections approaching, polling indicates deep voter anger towards government and individual political actors. The fervency of this sentiment is politically palpable and, considering the dire need for further federal efforts to incite economic growth, very disturbing as well. Progressive leaders confront an enormous challenge in building support for needed action, even as the public is skeptical of the ability of government to deliver on its promises.

VA: Virginia Gov. Robert McDonnell to unveil plan for a bar and restaurant tax

The Washington Post:

Gov. Robert F. McDonnell (R) will unveil a proposal Wednesday to impose a 4 percent tax on restaurants and bars as he tries to make up for $260 million the state could lose in taxes and profit if Virginia privatizes its liquor system, according to several sources familiar with the plan. 

IN: Mental health takes hit in state budget cuts

The Post-Tribune:

A state commission listened Tuesday to pleas about how Indiana's $1 billion revenue shortfall impacts some of its most vulnerable citizens -- mentally ill adults.

IA: Culver: end state film tax credit program

Radio Iowa:

Governor Chet Culver says once the existing state commitments are met, the state tax credit program for film and TV productions in Iowa should be shut down.

Private Tax Filing Firm Lobbying to Scrap Successful State Tax Preparation Services

Intuit, a private firm that manufactures TurboTax, has pushed California lawmakers to eliminate the popular, successful, and cost-effective public tax filing services, ReadyReturn and CalFile. These two programs offer millions of low- and middle-income Californians a free and reliable method to calculate and file taxes.

IN: Daniels will request new stimulus money for schools, Medicaid

The Courier Journal:

Gov. Mitch Daniels said Tuesday he’ll request that federal officials send Indiana more than $434 million in newly approved stimulus funds for schools and Medicaid, even though he opposed the legislation.