Media Reform

At Allied Media Conference, State Broadband Strategies Front and Center

The Allied Media Conference is a unique gathering for some of the most passionate media activists from across the country. The conference is one of the few spaces where the role of media is fully analyzed: its applications in our everyday lives, its impact on other social justice issues, and the public policies affecting us all. This year, I was lucky to get a chance to discuss the latter — specifically the importance of state legislation in this effort — as a Media Action Grassroots Network delegate. My goal was to remind attendees that, as the most involved advocates in their communities, they have the power to shape the policy that is created at the state and local level.

State House Reporting and Public Broadcasting on the Chopping Block

According to the American Journalism Review, state house news reporting is down 30 percent nationally.  New Jersey may be adding to the problem by reducing funding for and privatizing functions of the New Jersey Network (NJN), the only non-partisan public television and radio news source that exclusively covers the state. 

Taking the Lead: An Interim Report on State Legislative Successes in Enacting Progressive Policy

The 2006 elections sent a clear message that voters wanted a more progressive turn in public policy. At the federal level, even the new Congressional leadership has been stymied in delivering that change in the face of partisan gridlock and filibusters, but state governments have seen sweeping reforms.

Progressive States on YouTube

Progressive States Network now has a YouTube account. Go ahead and check it out, or you can subscribe to our feed. If you missed our gala in Washington D.C. last month you can watch it in its entirety. Including Sens. Jon Tester & Bernie Sanders, Rep. Keith Ellison, Al Franken, David Sirota, and more.

CA: Keeping Media Free

California is leading the way in the fight against AOL's plan to create a two-tiered Internet. First it was the editorialists.