Health Care for All

OR: The beginnings of a universal health care bill

Calling it the "first step on a very, very long journey," State Senator Alan Bates, who co-chairs Oregone's Senate Commission on Health Care Access and Affordability, said the commission will draft a bill for the 2007 Legislature that will "make Oregon the first state to provide universal health care with a system to contain costs." While the proposal has been broadly described by the Commission, important details and questions remain.

State Legislative Models Brought to You by Progressive States and MomsRising

What would a policy that really values families look like?

Parents need real programs, not just rhetoric, that help them take care of their children or sick family members and supports the decent wages and health care all families need.

MI: Stepping Up to Fight Cervical Cancer

A bipartisan group of Michigan legislators have made a bold move to fight cancer by announcing new legislation to require a cervical cancer vaccination in students entering the 6th grade.

LegAlert: California Health Care for All Bill in National Context

Yesterday, the California Assembly voted for a bill, SB 840, that would provide health care to all state residents under a government-run universal health insurance system, joining the state Senate which enacted a similar bill last year.

Insurance Firm Consolidation: Whither Competition?

The health insurance industry in America is increasingly devoid of competition according to a new report from the GAO. In a majority of metropolitan areas, a single insurance provider holds a majority market share. In 9 states, Blue Cross and Blue Shield holds a majority market share. And the problem isn't expected to go away any time soon.
Paul B.

MA: Romney Vetoes Employer Assessment

Looks like it's a bad idea to play "Let's Make a Deal" with Mitt Romney.

The Mass Health Care Mess?

American Prospect co-editor Robert Kuttner turns his discerning eye toward Massachusetts' recent health care (pyrrhic?) victory.

MA: Health Care Bill Advances

As Nathan noted yesterday, the Massachusetts Legislature is moving forward with one of the more expansive health care reform packages in the country.

US: Health Care Must Be a Priority

It appears that Governor Kitzhaber may be launching his health care initiative at the right time. A new Gallup Poll has 2/3 of Americans saying they worry "a great deal" about the affordability and availability of health care. That number is huge.

OR: Former Gov. Kitzhaber Set to Launch Health Reform Movement

Former Oregon Governor (and emergency room physician) John Kitzhaber was toying earlier this year with running again for Governor. He has now moved on to launching the Archimedes Movement, an organization that seeks to start by reforming Oregon's health care system significantly.