Health Care for All

Release: 154 Lawmakers to Appeals Court: Framers Would Have Backed Health Law

Over 150 lawmakers representing 26 states have joined together to deliver a powerful message to the federal appellate court currently considering the Tea Party-fueled challenge to the health care law: that the framers of the constitution, including George Washington and Alexander Hamilton, would have supported the law as constitutional.

States Remain Center Of Attention As Health Law Turns One

One year ago today, President Obama signed the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act into law – and the focus of attention immediately turned to the states. Now, one year later, as millions of women, seniors, children, and small businesses are seeing benefits from provisions in the law that have already taken effect, it is even more clear that the states are the venues where the future shape of the law will be decided.

As Health Law Approaches One Year Anniversary, Surprising Support Emerges

As the one-year anniversary of the signing of the Affordable Care Act approaches, the political rhetoric against the health law remains as heated as ever. But as more and more Americans experience the benefits of the law on their everyday lives, a growing number of stakeholders in the states - including health insurers - are coming out in support of both the law and its effective implementation in the states. Successful implementation requires states to enact their own exchanges, or marketplaces for health insurance, as the vehicle that provides for quality, affordable health insurance coverage.

Progressive Models For Health Care Exchanges Emerge



Despite a year of sustained attacks from the opposition, almost all states continue to move forward with implementation of the health care law. Even as the right continues to spew rhetoric attempting to strike down the law, over 20 states are moving forward with active exchange legislation. As the time remaining for states to implement effective exchanges grows shorter, and as an effort to give states more freedom to design their own systems gained White House support this week, progressive models are emerging for building state-based marketplaces that ensure the health security of families.


Health Care A Stealth Target in Wisconsin Budget Fight

The health care debate continues to boil in the states – all the more evident in Wisconsin, where a newly elected conservative majority in the state legislature is joining with Gov. Walker to eye draconian cuts to Medicaid.  As part of Gov.

Blueprint: Advancing Health Security by Ensuring Strong Exchanges

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act has been the topic of heated political debate since becoming the law of the land almost one year ago. As right-wing calls for repeal continue to make headlines, many positive and popular provisions of the law are already benefiting families across the nation. Working-class and middle- class families have seen their health security increased by provisions that rein in insurance industry abuses and expand coverage, making it less likely that they will lose their savings due to an illness or injury, or be unable to afford needed treatments. But as the curtain draws on the first year of the life of the Affordable Care Act, what happens in the second year at the state level may prove to be even more critical to its ultimate fate.

Release: Progressive State Legislators Blast "Judicial Overreach" of Florida Health Care Ruling

Leaders representing Progressive States Network and the Working Group of State Legislators for Health Reform issued the following statements in reaction to the ruling of U.S. District Judge Roger Vinson in Florida

Health Care Repeal Effort Fizzles, Focus Turns To States

This week, the new leadership of the House of Representatives made good on their campaign promise to bring repeal of the health law up for a vote as their first legislative priority of the 111th Congress. The House passed HR 2 without proposing anything to take its place, despite the repeal effort facing certain failure in the Senate.