Wage Standards and Workplace Freedom

Release: Bipartisan Group Of Over 270 State Legislators from 44 States Announces Solidarity With “Wisconsin Fourteen”

On February 25, 2011, a bipartisan group of over 270 state legislators representing 44 states voicing their solidarity with the “Wisconsin Fourteen” state senators and urging them to stand firm in their fight.

Economic Security Across the Border: Illinois Chooses a Better Path

State legislators from Wisconsinand Indianawho have recently sought out-of-state refuge to block votes on major anti-labor bills have all made their way to one neighboring state: Illinois.

Under Cover of Anti-Labor Proposals, Other Radical Measures May Sneak Through

.As we reported last week, legislators and advocates in several states are gearing up to oppose legislation that would roll back long-accepted labor standards and weaken prospects for a meaningful economic recovery. Proponents of those measures are polarizing the political climate by vilifying unions and public sector workers. While, in most of these cases, the subject legislation may never be enacted, there is a danger that under cover of such divisiveness, other major anti-labor initiatives could quietly squeak through by being packaged more moderately.

As Attacks on Workers Undermine Economic Recovery, Progressive Measures to Chart a Path toward Job Security

On the heels of December’s tax-breaks-for-unemployment-insurance hostage crisis and news of record levels of profit-making failing to result in job creation, conservatives are planning a slew of attacks on workers’ rights and labor standards in 2011. This exploitation of anger about unemployment and economic insecurity must be exposed as an effort to ensure that everyone becomes a have-not and to guarantee that the Great Recession only ends for a select few.

States Stand Up for Workers By Passing Wage Theft Protection Laws

This week, New York Governor David Paterson signed the Wage Theft Protection Act into law, ending a long grassroots and legislative campaign to address the myriad ways workers are routinely cheated out of a fair day's pay by their employers, all in direct conflict with federal and state wage and hour laws. The problem is widespread, and of colossal proportions in many low-wage industries, including the garment, retail, and service sectors.

Arizona Governor Calls Special Session to Promote Anti-Union Ballot Measure

Arizona continues to focus on catering to its rightwing ideological zealots rather than addressing its devastating revenue and economic crisis. The most recent example is Arizona Governor Jan Brewer calling the legislature into special session to revise Proposition 108, a controversial ballot measure that was ruled unconstitutional in its original form by the State Supreme Court last week.