Unemployment & Retraining

As Unemployment Benefits Expire, Job Creation Hangs In The Balance

As new leadership prepares to take control of the House of Representatives in January, families who are still suffering through the effects of the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression will get the chance to see whether conservatives are serious about creating jobs, or whether they will continue spouting empty rhetoric while obstructing the very policies that spur economic growth.

New Jersey Governor Cancels Nation’s Largest Job Creation, Economic Recovery Project

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie made national headlines last week by announcing that he is canceling the nation’s largest public works project – and sacrificing nearly 50,000 jobs in the process.  The Access to the Region’s Core (ARC) tunnel project would double the existing rail-commuting capacity from New Jersey to New York City with a nine-mile tunnel under the Hudson River to midtown Manhattan.   

MI: Job Retraining Efforts Sputter

More than two years after Gov. Jennifer Granholm launched what may be the most ambitious job retraining program in Michigan history, 16,164 workers have found new jobs but nearly twice that many either dropped out or are still unable to find work.

The more-than-$500 million No Worker Left Behind program may be well-intentioned and well-designed, but with Michigan leading the nation in unemployment for most of the past four years, success has been limited.

Saving Jobs: More Federal Action Needed on State Fiscal Relief

Last month, President Barack Obama signed the $17.5 billion Hiring Incentives to Restore Employment (HIRE) Act into law to assist small businesses and spur job creation.  This was definitely a start, but the gravity of the current crisis demands much bolder and quicker action.  Congress needs to enact further state fiscal relief to support jobs and avoid the massive layoffs that threaten social and economic vitality in the states.

Focus on Jobs: The Next Step in National Economic Recovery and State Fiscal Relief

On Tuesday, December 8th, President Barack Obama delivered an address to the Brookings Institution on the need for increased focus on the job crisis that is affecting so many working families across the country.