Wage Standards

IL: Chicago Advances Ordinance to Raise Wages

Recently, in our Stateside Dispatch highlighting alternative strategies to raise wages around the country, we highlighted a proposed ordinance with widespread support in Chicago.

US Senate May Gut Home Rule Powers over Day Laborer Centers

Seriously, laugh at the next conservative who mentions "states rights." Quite obviously -- at least to US Senate conservatives -- the issue of how to deal with day laborers being hired on our streets is outside the competence of state and local governments.

Good News and Bad News on the Immigration Front

Which do you want to hear first? The bad news? OK, we'll get that out of the way and then talk about the good news, of which there is plenty. The bad news: Georgia's senate adopted their heinous anti-immigrant bill that will be more punitive than effective. The bill still has to make it through the house. The good news: Where to start?

OH: Corporate Conservatives Posture on Minimum Wage

Fully aware that their anti-worker policies are anathema to most Americans, corporate conservatives often posture and position themselves on worker issues to avoid bearing the full brunt of the backlash from their noxious positions and to try to fix blame on their opponents, who really are working for the common interest. There is probably no better example of this toxic behavior than what is happening in Ohio.

KY: Anti-Labor Bills Likely Headed to Defeat

Following the defeat of a 'right-to-work' bill in Indiana only weeks ago, Kentucky is poised today to defeat anti-worker legislation, including a right-to-work bill, as well as a bill to repeal the state's prevailing wage law. A Republican Representative said that the bills, backed by Kentucky Governor Ernie Fletcher, would likely face unanimous opposition from majority Democrats, as well as from

IN: End-Run on Worker's Rights Stopped

The AFL-CIO blog reports that Indiana workers successfully blocked attempts to undermine Indiana's unions through a so-called 'right-to-work' law. Similar efforts are afoot in Kentucky. The AFL-CIO suggests that individuals interested in helping fight RTW in Kentucky find out more from the KY AFL-CIO.