Medicaid Reform

Economic Recovery & Anti-Poverty Strategies, Re-imagining 21st Century Community Colleges, and Much More

Reports on Economic Recovery and Anti-Poverty Strategies, Re-imagining 21st Century Community Colleges, Immigration Reform and Economic Recovery, and Much More

1000+ State Legislators Support Health Reform/ Far Outnumber Marginal Opposition by ALEC Legislators

This statement is in response to a press conference held Monday morning by the conservative American Legislative Exchange Council in Washington DC, in association with the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS), featuring a letter signed by 100 state legislators opposing the Senate health reform bill.

Rx Reforms to Address Budget Deficits and Ensure Quality of Medications

As part of our Shared Multi-State Agenda, the Progressive States Network is working with legislators, advocates and leading experts to promote Rx reforms in 2010 that will reduce health care costs for consumers, businesses, and state and local governments, and will help ensure access to safe and effective medications.  Through coordinated, strategic support, PSN and our allies will be working to introduce and advance Rx reforms that will help address state budget deficits and improve access to quality medications in as many states possible; providing model legislation, policy analysis, messaging and more - all of which has been gathered and will be constantly updated on our Prescription Drug Reform Shared Agenda web page.

PSN Leaders and Allied Legislators Meet With White House and Capitol Hill Leaders on Health Care Reform

With final negotiations moving forward on Capitol Hill on a final health care reform bill, over two dozen state legislators met with the White House and Capitol Hill leaders to share views of how to build a strong state-federal partnership to provide quality, affordable health care for all Americans.

The Long- and Short-Term Impacts of the Recession, Voting Rights in Indian Country, Reports on the Foreclosure Crisis, and More

The Long- and Short-Term Impacts of the Recession, Voting Rights in Indian Country, Reports on the Foreclosure Crisis, and More

Federal Health Reform and the States

This Dispatch will examine how federal reform will likely impact states, analyzing specific provisions and whether they are beneficial or detrimental to states' ability to partner with the federal government in pursuit of quality, affordable health care for all.

Research Roundup: Small Business Employment, Credit Card Use in Recession, Poverty and Pregnancy, Implementing Election Reform,

An International Comparison of Small Business Employment - Contrary to popular perceptions, the United States has a much smaller small-business sector (as a share of total employment) than other countries at a comparable level of economic development, according to this new Center for Economic and Policy Research (CEPR) report.  The report highlights how high health insurance costs and uncertain access discourages small business formation and self-employment in the United States compared to other nations.

RELEASE: Body representing all U.S. state legislatures moves to endorse public option

PHILADELPHIA — This Tuesday, the hotly contested public health insurance option won endorsement from the body representing every state legislature in the country. Citing the need for immediate action to stem the rising costs of health care, three quarters of the states represented on the the National Conference of State Legislatures' Standing Committee on Health voted to include an amendment calling for a public health insurance option in the committee's policy recommendations for federal health care reform. On Thursday, the recommendation will come up for a vote before the full body of NCSL, whose membership includes over 7,500 state legislators across the country.

State legislators lobby for public health care insurance by year's end

WASHINGTON — State legislators urged Congress and the White House on Wednesday to enact comprehensive health care legislation that includes a public health insurance component by year's end.

Members of the Progressive States Network, a state government coalition, met with Sen. Tom Harkin, D-Iowa, and Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius to lobby for a public insurance option. They said that would answer Americans' call to provide health care coverage for all.