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Update: Mapping the Progress of Paid Sick Days Legislation

Building on successful wins in approving paid sick days law at the city level in San Francisco, Milwaukee and Washington, D.C., an increasing number of states have introduced paid sick days bills to make sure parents are not forced to choose between their job and staying home to take care of themselves or a sick loved one.  Seventeen states in 2010 have introduced paid sick days

Dreaming of a Better Tomorrow: In-State Tuition at the Forefront

States across the country are proposing in-state college tuition rates for undocumented students, a move mirrored by Congress' proposed DREAM Act, which was re-introduced at the federal level on March 25th. Currently ten states allow undocumented immigrants to enroll in state colleges and universities under the cheaper in-state tuition rate category: California, Illinois, Kansas, Nebraska, New Mexico, New York, Oklahoma, Texas, Utah, and Washington. In recent years, anti-immigrant legislators sought to modify or repeal laws providing access to in-state tuition for undocumented immigrants, though they've failed each time. This session, those efforts failed again in Utah and Nebraska. Kansas didn't even bring up repealing it.

PSN's Key Health Care Bills for 2009

PSN's Key Health Care Bills for 2009

Paid Sick Days - Resources

Paid Sick Days for employees and their loved ones is such a common sense idea that 60% of Americans think it is already law. But it's not.

Valuing Families

Families need help. That's the message that every parent will tell you, as costs strain family budgets.

Strengthening Communities

Our communities are both the engines of economic life and the places where our families and neighbors enjoy our lives together. Too many of our communities have been undermined by transit gridlock from poorly planned growth, pollution choking our air and endangering our water supplies, and unchecked violent and corporate crime that undermines our security.

Economic Growth

We live in a global economy where corporations have little loyalty to maintaining decent paying jobs in the United States. Failed policies of corporate welfare and tax subsidies to the already wealthy do little but accelerate job flight and growing economic inequality.