SB1070 Copycats

AZ: Obama Administration Sues to Block Arizona Immigration Law

Rejecting SB1070, States Advance Progressive Immigration Policy

This week, as the White House announced plans for yet another push on federal comprehensive immigration reform, a network of lawmakers so far representing 28 states — from border states to the heartland — announced their rejection of Arizona’s mean-spirited and economically disastrous approach to immigrants, SB1070.

Anti-Immigrant Amendments Fail in Massachusetts State Legislature

Yet another set of anti-immigrant proposals, this time offered as last-minute amendments to a Massachusetts state budget bill, failed to gain traction last week.  Twenty-seven pages of draconian anti-immigrant amendments were reduced to text that simply re-states existing bars on undocumented residents applying for public benefits.

Wal-Mart Deal for Higher Wages in Chicago Highlights Need for Industry-Specific Wage Legislation

Release: State Legislators Unite, Show Progressive Way Forward on Immigration

At a press briefing co-hosted by Progressive States Network and the National Immigration Law Center, members of State Legislators for Progressive Immigration Policy (SLPIP) -- a dynamic and rapidly growing group of 54 legislators representing 28 states -- unveiled legislation they are advancing in their states to promote the effective integration of immigrants as critical members of communities and state economies

AZ: Illegal Immigrants Departure Affecting Businesses

Luis Sanchez and Marlen Ramirez, undocumented immigrants from Mexico, packed up and moved to Pennsylvania this month, taking their three U.S. citizen children with them.

Many will cheer their departure, saying it's a sign that Arizona's new immigration law, which hasn't taken effect yet, is driving out illegal immigrants and potentially saving the state money. But not everyone is pleased over the exodus of Latinos, both legal and illegal, saying their flight from Arizona could hurt businesses, schools and neighborhoods.

Arizona "Copycat" Anti-Immigrant Bill Killed in Rhode Island Without a Hearing

Immigrant and workers' rights advocates celebrated a victory in Rhode Island this week with the announcement that State Rep. Peter Palumbo's anti-immigrant bill, closely based on Arizona's widely criticized SB 1070, would not get a hearing. Rhode Island House Speaker Gordon Fox came out in opposition to Palumbo's bill, and decided to table it -- the proposal was drafted roughly ten days ago, just before the end of the state's legislative session. 

All-Mail Voting Increases Turnout and Saves Money in Hawaii Special Election

2010 Legislative Session Roundup: Arizona

Arizona's conservative Legislature made national headlines by passing a discriminatory, anti-immigrant bill, SB 1070.  Confronting one of the steepest budget shortfalls in the nation, the Legislature lurched from privatization schemes to attempting to completely eliminate its health care program for children.  Even as the state's economy remained in crisis, the legislative session was dominated by right-wing obsessions like banning the regulation of greenhouse gases, gun lobby priorities, attacks on ethnic study classes, and bans on embryo and stem cell research.  A few progressive initiatives like encouraging youth voting and transparency for local budgets were approved, but extreme right-wing posturing marred the session and failed to address the state's precarious economic and fiscal standing.

2010 Legislative Session Roundups: HI, AZ, AL, WI, KY