FL: Tallahassee's Taj Mahal

The Miami Herald:

A Senate committee plans to investigate why the state spent $48 million in taxpayer money for a palatial new appellate courthouse dubbed the Tallahassee Taj Mahal for its over-the-top luxury.

FL: Legislature Rejects Oil Drilling Ban Vote, Adjourns

Moving with extraordinary speed, the Florida Legislature took just two hours Tuesday to reject Gov. Charlie Crist's proposal to give voters the chance to amend the state Constitution and ban offshore oil drilling.

In a brief special session, Republicans carried out a plan to block Crist from scoring political points by leading the charge for what they see as a symbolic ban on near-shore drilling, something already barred by state law.

FL: Republican Leaders Drawing Up Arizona-Styled Anti-Immigrant Legislation

Florida Republican leaders have begun crafting anti-illegal-immigrant legislation modeled after an Arizona law that has incited widespread protests and fueled national and international debate over U.S. immigration policies.

Under the proposed bill, police would have broad power under state law to ask suspects for proof of legal residency, said Rep. William Snyder, a Republican from Stuart who plans to introduce the legislation in November.