Busloads of Protestors Head to D.C.

11Alive News January 26, 2007 Watch the Video
On Friday evening, two busloads of protestors began to make their way to Washington to call for the withdrawal of American forces from Iraq.

Tax Cuts for Seniors That Don't Help Low-Income Seniors

Tax cuts for seniors?  Helping older voters on fixed incomes seems like a good idea to many legislators, but a number of states are passing tax cuts for taxpayers over age 65 regardless of whether the seniors need the help:

Shutting the Courtroom Door: How the Corporate Right Mobilized in the States

When an impeccably pro-business outfit like Business Week declares victory for the business lobby in shutting the courtroom door to victims of corporate negligence, you know injured consumers and workers have been losing badly. But this week's cover story, How Business Trounced The Trial Lawyers, illustrates how the corporate right leveraged campaign contributions in the last decade to hijack state policy on civil justice.

Election Day Registration

One of the biggest challenges in raising voter turnout is address the rate of voter registration. The vast majority of states have registration deadlines weeks before Election Day. The schedule poses problems for busy Americans who simply forget to register or re-register and find themselves unable to vote on Election Day. During the 2000 Presidential election alone, nearly 3 million voters were disenfranchised due to registration problems. Luckily, a simple solution is available: Election Day Registration (EDR).

GA: Perdue Buddy Helps Him Have a "Happy Accident"

Georgia Governor Sonny Perdue must be a very happy man. Just two weeks ago, one friend helped him secure land at a very favorable price near the happiest place on Earth -- Disney Land. The Governor's explanation for why he bought the Florida land? He likes land and he wanted to avoid buying in Georgia because it would look like a conflict of interest. That makes sense, except he did buy land in Georgia a few years ago. The deal was also pretty lucrative, thanks in part to Perdue's power to sign bills into law.

GA: Perdue Buddy Helps Him Find the Magic Kingdom

Governor Sonny Perdue of Georgia is no stranger to Progressive States readers (Perdue made our list of the nation's worst Governors). Now, he's dabbling in that most political of arts: corruption.

Illinois Joins Pre-School for All Movement

This past week, Illinois Governor Blagojevich signed the first law in the nation that establishes the goal of universally-available public preschool for all 3- and 4-year olds in that state.

IN: Rushed Social Services Privatization Condemned

In Indiana, critics are condemning a rushed $1 billion privatization of the states' social services work -- despite the fact that the companies bidding on the contract have mismanaged similar contracts in other states and, more tellingly, no one even bothered to determine whether the companies could do the job cheaper than current state employees:

New Latino Voters May Change Political Map

"Today we march, tomorrow we vote!" - the chant at the recent immigration rights rallies -- may translate into a changed electoral landscape in many states across the country.

The 65% Distraction

And distraction is what the newest rightwing educational campaign -- the so-called "65% Solution" -- is all about.

The proposal requires each district to spend at least 65% of all revenue "in the classroom." It's poll-tested and sounds good -- Georgia has passed it, with many other states proposing similar bills.